Seasons of Hope Calendar » The creative team of Kathie Austin and Matthew S. Field combine to produce a unique 2016 calendar that helps to create breast cancer awareness, to foster prevention, and to provide hope for women who are fresh to or from the battle with breast cancer. Austin's poignant portraits and Field's touching biographies tell the stories of twelve dauntless and inspirational women whose breast cancer diagnoses have provided each with an opportunity to fashion a lasting legacy for the people whose lives they touch. The Seasons of Hope 2015 Calendar is a daily reminder for anyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer that, like a rainy day gives the seed impetus to fulfill its destiny, even a cancer diagnosis can provide the chance to make the world a better place.

Become a Retailer

There are a lot of reasons to become a Seasons of Hope Calendar Retailer. The objectives for the Seasons of Hope Calendar project include not only to increase awareness about prevention and early detection of breast cancer, but also to provide a source of hope for those women who are fresh to or fresh from the breast cancer battle. Moreover, a meaningful portion of the proceeds from the Seasons of Hope Calendar will be used to help the families, specifically the children, of women who battle or have battled breast cancer.

If that’s not a good enough reason, then how about generating traffic and revenue for your business? Some shoppers will visit Seasons of Hope Calendar Retailers for the purpose of purchasing a Seasons of Hope Calendar. While they’re in the store, however, they’re likely to buy something else, as well.

For large wholesale orders, contact Baker & Taylor for fulfillment. Seasons of Hope Calendar Retailers may also have orders fulfilled with an attractive discount by the publisher. To learn more or to place an order, please email or call 845-987-2807.